Sunday, 8 April 2012

Love in the modern world.

If i get too far into this topic, i wont get out. So allow me to brush over a few concepts to get the ball rolling.

Christian marriage + Information age = Error
Cultural norms on sexuality + politics = Error
Parentally passed on ideals of expectations of love = ERROR!!!

And that's the gist of it.

In short i think people need to craft love in their hearts, using benchmarks notched onto the worktable from hard won passions, adventures into other people and the understanding that love is a lesson to be learnt, not a feeling to be had.

the idea of civil partnership is nothing more than a gesture to me, so are legal pre-nupts. Its about decency. If someone wants to steal someone's heart AND their money, we should make sure marriage and divorce prevents that. THATS what we are really denying homosexual relationships. We aren't denying their love by not campaigning their love, we are denying that we are too immature as a culture to stop letting it bother us.

Gay marriage isn't the only issue, a biggie for me is our parents ideas of love.
I wont go into the shit that's been done and said in the name of 'love' but i will tell you i wont repeat those behaviours when i come to father a child. How in gods name can a positive, powerful woman understand love properly when all the other women around them want to find a 'nice guy' to 'settle down with' and 'put bunz in teh ovenz'. How can a man show the love in his heart when his father is unsure of how to express that men are capable of it. How can society provide an example of love for an abandoned generation of children Bourne from broken homes and a divided world? The answer for me is this;

Show them how to build it.

Personally im working very hard and having lots of love for a lot of people, and i've come to the realisation that some people don't reciprocate. Why should i waste my hearts energy generation love for someone who wont notice it? Thats why my social circle is small. Thats why alot of my family fight over my time for them. Its hard, VERY hard to find out who wants it, when to give it and exactly how much is the right amount. My only advice to the intrepid adventurer on the quest for love it to get some hardware with an accomplished blacksmith, and do that before you even set off.

Love is hard to wield, and requires training.
You cannot spill blood where it dwells, the heart is its home.
It is for these reasons fighting is the abhorrent plague of the heart, and those who do it gain nothing more than my pity.

My friends and MJ

I'd like this blog to turn into a forum for people, and that will only work if its directed towards people i want responses from. Its in this spirit i give a nod to my friend over at:
I'd like to talk about what wants to be heard, as humans we all need to relate and im pretty good at relating through concepts. Here's the one she requested;

For me, its big. Not just as something to do, but as a demonstration of how warped cultural perspectives are at this time. You don't have to go to far into American history to see a somewhat hippo critical version of history certainly NOT repeating itself. It being ILLEGAL to NOT grow it happened. It being made illegal because of political standpoints on work ethics HAPPENED.
A quick glance at European variances in policy shows at least mild uncertainty on how to feel about the whole bloody thing. Ye gods, there is even an entire religious faith based on its use. They have their own prophet and everything! Haili King Selassie!

Its from the rasta perspective id like to continue this post. The concept of Cannabis being a medicine, the healing of the nation (I BET! yah neva kno) is an interesting one for me. I think its because of how i perceive the drug works. Give this idea some respect and lets not tail off with the stereotypical effects of it. Munchies. Paranoia etc. They are true, and valid and do factor into my opinions on cannabis, but i think the drug itself has more to offer people than say, alcohol. I dont drink to think, but i do smoke to think. Why? its simple. When im high i feel a shift, and uplifting of my perspective. I think of things on a bigger scheme. I go from a cog in the microcosm to a mote or highly relaxed dust floating in the spectrum of the macrocosm.
This shift in perception is fundamentally why its called getting 'high'.
I think rastas use this function of THC to 'over' rather than understand the universe.
Their culture is a belief that god bestowed mankind with a medicine upon the grave of their venerated liberator, king and prophet. pretty profound no? and despite the fact i view the idea of Selassie being a god-given man as little more than superstition i must give credence to the stance that cannabis as a drug helps its users with psychological stress. Its only because its so fucking expensive because of its illegality that people harmfully smoke and inhale it rather than eating it. And via ingestion research has indicated health benefits to its consumption nor for recreation, but as a supplement to the diet. Much like a vitamin. Vital, Ital healing. Likewise as a treatment for pain, cancer symptoms and tumor growth. but lets be quiet about that because its not about to be agreed upon.

Its funny to me, to a degree of hilarity, that cannabis is notorious for fucking with short term recall. Its funny because its major benefit is in how it fucks with hippos, Or rather the hippo-campus.
Thats the part of your brain that deals with synch of the hemispheres of your brain, and ironically memory recall. Specifically vividness of recall.
THC has demonstrated the cataclysmal properties required to promote cell growth within the hippo-campus region of the brain. WOW!

What this means to me, is that to put it the way Bill hicks did ;
'Dope doesn't make you lazy, it makes you realise all that SHIT isn't worth doing'
If it changes the emphasis you put on the world, and the context under which you remember it you are BOUND to be a different person. The question is;

Is that change good?

My answer is yes, I have long hair because i don't see any reason to cut it short according to fashion, logically it costs more to do that. I eat all the time because im 6ft 10 and burn so many calories sitting and THINKING that being awake for me burns through fuel. I sit around in my flat chilling out because i don't understand why people go out, Booze, shopping, cars and class doesn't appeal to me, and i only go out for things i find fruitful.

I don't do any of those thing because i'm a lazy stoner. But i do accredit being a stoner to shaping me into the kinda person who doesn't abide bullshit. In this world baby, that's all the healing i need.