Wednesday, 10 March 2010

'that hurts'

I stumbled upon a strange thought today;

What if EVERY human is self destructive.

Or rather, enjoys the feeling of pain. Think about it, is it really that far fetched?
body builders live by the motto 'no pain no gain' Addicts always fight against going back to what cripples them the most. I mean i really don't think its too absurd an idea to grapple with.

To think of it in an evolutionary sense, those who can seek out pain for benefit would have naturally been more comfortable around the suffering, and hence find it easier to survive.
Those of us who enjoyed the pain of exercise would most likely be the one with more physical prowess and hence more likely to survive in battle, or in earlier aeons against a lion, tiger or other such carnivore out to eat our knackers.

I came to the conclusion that self destruction (as opposed to self harm) is almost like stepping up to life and saying 'I'm going to be what kills me'. Though this may seem extremely futile, is it really?

I'm not certain it is 'self destructiveness' that I'm trying to talk about, but rather the nature of enjoying or becoming addicted to suffering of varying forms. it definitely comes from the same notion.

what if we could teach drug addicts that the same feeling that could kill them could also seriously improve their health, what if we could teach fitness fanatics that there is such thing as too much.
Strange to think of fitness buffs as being addicts, but in reality its not the size of the muscle they like, but rather knowing they built it, and they carry on. I'm sure there are more 'roid' raged men out there than there are retired mr universes. but anyway, i digress.

I bring this up more for discussion than to say...hey guys I'm right about this. so please, share your thoughts.


  1. the problem is this, while those feelings and desires may have been very necessary at some point, they no longer are. people crave that feeling, and sense most people do not experience things such as combat, they have to get their fix in more adverse ways. you see, the addict isn't really addicted to the drug itself, or even the exercise for that matter. we become addicted to the chemicals in our own brains; the dopamine and other such chemicals that our brains give us as a reward for using the drug or pushing ourselves to that physical limit. different people have different ways of getting the fix, but really its all the same, what we are really addicted to is ourselves; the drugs that are already in our heads to begin with.

  2. Ahh but you see evolution can only work with what its got, and there are some fascinating examples of this even within ourselves. Did you know that the squids/ octopus eye is actually much better than ours, it doesn't even have a blind spot! the cellular arrangement is much more logical, but again we can only work with what we've got.

    This is exactly what i was trying to get at, we need to realise how we can release those chemicals of our own accord and become masters of 'mind over matter'. but in this theory it isnt matter i.e protons and electrons, but rather what matters to us. I ask humanity, dare you change what matters to you. because more often than not its all they feel they have got!

    (thanks for your comment)